About Madeline Cisneros

Hi, I’m Madeline Cisneros, and I’m a student at Drake University. I’m double majoring in magazine media and writing. I have had a passion for storytelling for as long as I can remember, and I hope to inspire and educate people through my work.

I have gained a lot of writing experience throughout my college career so far. I have written stories for The Times-Delphic about campus life. I also write for Drake Magazine about lifestyle for young adults in the Midwest. I am currently working on a fashion piece for their Spring 2023 issue. Besides those on-campus publications, I worked for College Magazine, which is an online platform that publishes all sorts of articles geared towards college students. I got the chance to interview writers, professors, and students, and I learned a lot about my craft throughout that experience. I also tutor for the Drake University Writing Center. I collaborate with students to help strengthen their writing.

When I am not writing, I love reading other people’s writing. My favorite genres to read include young adult, fantasy, rom-com, and contemporary fiction. I love keeping up with pop culture news, so you’ll always catch me checking social media for updates. I’m a big movie fan and love leaving silly, yet insightful reviews on Letterboxd. My top four movies are La La Land, Casino Royale, Dirty Dancing, and Tangled, and if you have differing opinions, no you don’t.

I’m a big music lover, and yes I make my Taylor Swift and Harry Styles obsession a part of my personality. On campus I sing in The Drake Choir and take voice lessons. I have a problem where I can’t stop singing, and my roommates can vouch that I am always singing in the shower and playing my ukulele in my bedroom. I also dabble a little on the guitar and piano. I have been to far too many concerts that I can’t even begin to count. Because of my passion for music, it would be my dream to write for Rolling Stone magazine one day.

After college, I plan on moving to the East coast and start my magazine writing career. I would like to explore several genres, but I have a special interest to write for a pop culture and entertainment magazine. In the next five years I hope to see myself living in the Big Apple with the many kittens I will adopt.